NOX Namespace Reference

Nonlinear solvers package namespace. More...


class  GlobalData
 Container class to hold "global" NOX objects. More...
class  MultiVector
 Default implementation for NOX::Abstract::MultiVector using an array of NOX::Abstract::MultiVector's. More...
class  Random
 A class to compute uniformly distributed random numbers in (-1,1). More...
class  SharedObject
 Holder for objects that are shared between NOX::Abstract::Groups. More...
class  Utils
 Provides printing utilities. More...


namespace  Abstract
 NOX abstract interface for vector and group
namespace  Direction
 Search direction strategies.
namespace  Epetra
 Improved version of the Epetra support class.
namespace  LAPACK
namespace  LineSearch
 NOX linesearches.
namespace  Petsc
 NOX Petsc support.
namespace  Solver
 NOX nonlinear solvers namespace.
namespace  StatusTest
 Status checkers.
namespace  Thyra
 NOX Thyra support.


enum  CopyType { DeepCopy, ShapeCopy }
 Specify whether to copy using deep copy or just copy by shape. More...


string version ()
 Returns a string with the current version number of the NOX code.

Detailed Description

Nonlinear solvers package namespace.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum NOX::CopyType

Specify whether to copy using deep copy or just copy by shape.

DeepCopy  Copy object including all data.
ShapeCopy  Copy the shape of the object only.

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