Rythmos - Transient Integration for Differential Equations Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Rythmos::BackwardEulerStepper< Scalar >Simple concrete stepper subclass implementing an implicit backward Euler method
Rythmos::BreakPointInformerBase< Scalar >Interface for using breakpoints
Rythmos::CompositeIntegratorObserver< Scalar >Standard composite observer subclass
Rythmos::DataStore< Scalar >
EpetraExt::DiagonalTransientModelSimple transient diagonal model for an implicit or explicit ODE
Rythmos::ErrWtVecCalcAcceptingStepControlStrategyBase< Scalar >Mix-in interface for step control strategy objects that accept an external error weight calculation and WRMS norm
Rythmos::ErrWtVecCalcBase< Scalar >
ExampleApplicationBase interface for evaluating a stateless "model"
Rythmos::ExplicitRKStepper< Scalar >
Rythmos::ExplicitTaylorPolynomialStepper< Scalar >Implementation of Rythmos::Stepper for explicit Taylor polynomial time integration of ODEs
Rythmos::ForwardEulerStepper< Scalar >
Rythmos::ForwardResponseSensitivityComputer< Scalar >Concrete utility class for computing (assembling) forward transient response sensitivities
Rythmos::ForwardResponseSensitivityComputerObserver< Scalar >Observer class that computes sensitivities at the end of each time step
Rythmos::ForwardSensitivityIntegratorAsModelEvaluator< Scalar >Concrete Thyra::ModelEvaluator subclass that turns a forward ODE/DAE with an observation into a parameterized evaluation of p -> g with forward sensitivities DgDp
Rythmos::ForwardSensitivityModelEvaluator< Scalar >Forward sensitivity transient ModelEvaluator subclass
Rythmos::ForwardSensitivityStepper< Scalar >Foward sensitivity stepper concrete subclass
Rythmos::HermiteInterpolator< Scalar >
Rythmos::ImplicitBDFStepper< Scalar >
Rythmos::ImplicitBDFStepperErrWtVecCalc< Scalar >
Rythmos::ImplicitBDFStepperStepControl< Scalar >
Rythmos::IntegrationControlStrategyBase< Scalar >Base class for strategy objects that control integration by selecting step sizes for a stepper
Rythmos::IntegrationObserverBase< Scalar >Base class for strategy objects that observe and time integration by observing the stepper object
Rythmos::IntegratorBase< Scalar >Abstract interface for time integrators
Rythmos::IntegratorDefault< Scalar >Concrete subclass of InterpolationBufferBase implemented in terms of a StepperBase object and a trailing InterpolationBufferBase object
Rythmos::InterpolationBuffer< Scalar >Concrete class for interpolation buffer functionality
Rythmos::InterpolationBufferAppenderBase< Scalar >
Rythmos::InterpolationBufferAppenderDefault< Scalar >
Rythmos::InterpolationBufferAppenderSmart< Scalar >
Rythmos::InterpolationBufferBase< Scalar >Base class for an interpolation buffer
Rythmos::InterpolatorBase< Scalar >Base strategy class for interpolation functionality
Rythmos::LinearInterpolator< Scalar >
Rythmos::ResponseAndFwdSensPoint< Scalar >Simple class to combine a response and it's forward sensitivity at a time point
Rythmos::ROpLogNormInf< Scalar >Reduction operator for a logarithmic infinity norm
Rythmos::SimpleIntegrationControlStrategy< Scalar >Base class for strategy objects that control integration by selecting step sizes for a stepper
Rythmos::SimpleIntegrator< Scalar >A very simple concrete subclass for IntegratorBase that allows just for simple fixed steps or variable steps
Rythmos::SingleResidualModelEvaluator< Scalar >Decorator subclass for a steady-state version of a DAE for single-residual time stepper methods
Rythmos::SingleResidualModelEvaluatorBase< Scalar >Base class mix-in interface for single-residual model evaluators
Rythmos::SolverAcceptingStepperBase< Scalar >Mix-in interface all implicit stepper objects that accept a nonlinear solver to be used to compute the timestep
Rythmos::StateAndForwardSensitivityModelEvaluator< Scalar >Combined State and Forward sensitivity transient ModelEvaluator subclass
Rythmos::StepControlInfo< Scalar >Simple strict to aggregate integration/stepper control information
Rythmos::StepControlStrategyAcceptingStepperBase< Scalar >Mix-in interface for stepper objects that accept a step control strategy object to be used for evaluating steps and picking step-sizes & orders
Rythmos::StepControlStrategyBase< Scalar >The member functions in the StepControlStrategyBase move you between these states in the following fashion:
Rythmos::StepperAsModelEvaluator< Scalar >Concrete Thyra::ModelEvaluator subclass that takes a parameterized stepper and turns it into a model evaluator (p,t) ==> g
Rythmos::StepperBase< Scalar >Base class for defining stepper functionality
Rythmos::StepStatus< Scalar >
Rythmos::TimeRange< TimeType >Represent a time range
Rythmos::TimeStepNonlinearSolver< Scalar >Simple undampended Newton solver designed to solve time step equations in accurate times-tepping methods

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