Sacado::Fad::BinaryExpr< ExprT1, ExprT2, Op > Class Template Reference

Binary expression template. More...

#include <Sacado_Fad_Expression.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef ExprT1::value_type value_type_1
 Typename of the first argument value.
typedef ExprT2::value_type value_type_2
 Typename of the second argument value.
typedef Sacado::Promote< value_type_1,
value_type_2 >::type 
 Typename of the expression values.
typedef Op< ExprT1, ExprT2 > OpT

Public Member Functions

 BinaryExpr (const ExprT1 &expr1, const ExprT2 &expr2)
int size () const
 Return size of the derivative array of the operation.
bool hasFastAccess () const
 Return if operation has fast access.
bool isPassive () const
 Return if expression is constant.
value_type val () const
 Return value of operation.
value_type dx (int i) const
 Return derivative component i of operation.
value_type fastAccessDx (int i) const
 Return derivative component i of operation.

Protected Attributes

ExprConstRef< ExprT1 >::type expr1_
 Left argument.
ExprConstRef< ExprT2 >::type expr2_
 Right argument.

Detailed Description

template<typename ExprT1, typename ExprT2, template< typename, typename > class Op>
class Sacado::Fad::BinaryExpr< ExprT1, ExprT2, Op >

Binary expression template.

This template class represents a binary operation of the form op(a1,a2) where a1 is the left argument of type ExprT1, r is the right argument of type ExprT2, and op is the operation represented by type Op. The operation is evaluated by the static methods Op::computeValue() and Op::computeDx().

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