Thyra_LinearCombinationDecl.hpp File Reference

#include "Teuchos_Handle.hpp"
#include "Thyra_ConfigDefs.hpp"
#include "Thyra_LinearOperatorDecl.hpp"
#include "Thyra_VectorHandleOpsDecl.hpp"

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namespace  Thyra


class  Thyra::ConvertibleToVector< Scalar >
class  Thyra::OpTimesLC< Scalar, Node >
class  Thyra::LC2< Scalar, Node1, Node2 >


template<class Scalar, class Node>
Thyra::Vector< Scalar > Thyra::formVector (const OpTimesLC< Scalar, Node > &lc)
template<class Scalar, class Node1, class Node2>
Thyra::Vector< Scalar > Thyra::formVector (const LC2< Scalar, Node1, Node2 > &lc)

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