Thyra Operator Solve Support Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ComplexFFTLinearOp< RealScalar >Simple concrete subclass for a serial complex-to-complex FFT
Thyra::DefaultBlockedTriangularLinearOpWithSolve< Scalar >Concrete composite LinearOpWithSolveBase subclass that creates single upper or lower block triangular LOWSB object out of a set of LOWSB objects along the diagonal with LOB object on the off diagonal.
Thyra::DefaultDiagonalLinearOpWithSolve< Scalar >Concrete LinearOpWithSolveBase subclass for diagonal linear operators
Thyra::DefaultInverseLinearOp< Scalar >Concrete LinearOpBase subclass that creates an implicit LinearOpBase object using the inverse action of a LinearOpWithSolveBase object
Thyra::DefaultLinearOpSource< RangeScalar, DomainScalar >Default implementation of a LinearOpSourceBase that just accepts and gives up a single linear operator object
Thyra::DefaultMultiVectorLinearOpWithSolve< Scalar >Implicit concrete LinearOpWithSolveBase subclass that takes a flattended out multi-vector and performs a multi-RHS solve with it
Thyra::DefaultPreconditioner< RangeScalar, DomainScalar >Default implementation of a PreconditionerBase that just accepts precreated preconditioner linear operators
Thyra::DelayedLinearOpWithSolve< Scalar >Delayed linear solver construction LinearOpWithSolveBase decorator class
Thyra::DelayedLinearOpWithSolveFactory< Scalar >General delayed construction LinearOpWithSolveFactoryBase subclass
Thyra::LinearOpChanger< Scalar >Silly abstract strategy interface for changing Thyra::LinearOpBase objects
Thyra::LinearOpWithSolveTester< RangeScalar, DomainScalar >Testing class for LinearOpWithSolveBase
Thyra::NullLinearOpChanger< Scalar >No-op changer
RealComplexFFTLinearOp< RealScalar >Simple example concrete subclass for a serial real-to-complex FFT
Thyra::SingleRhsLinearOpWithSolveBase< Scalar >
Thyra::SingleScalarLinearOpWithSolveBase< Scalar >

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