Amesos_Control Class Reference

Amesos_Control: Container for some control variables. More...

#include <Amesos_Control.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Amesos_Control ()
 Default constructor.
 ~Amesos_Control ()
 Default destructor.
void SetControlParameters (const Teuchos::ParameterList &ParameterList)

Public Attributes

double AddToDiag_
 Add this value to the diagonal.
bool refactorize_
double rcond_threshold_
int ScaleMethod_
bool AddZeroToDiag_
 Adds zero to diagonal of redistributed matrix (some solvers choke on a matrix with a partly empty diag).
int MatrixProperty_
 Set the matrix property.
int MaxProcesses_
bool Reindex_

Detailed Description

Amesos_Control: Container for some control variables.

Marzio Sala, SNL 9214
Last updated on 24-May-05 (Champions' League Final day)

Member Data Documentation

int Amesos_Control::MatrixProperty_

Set the matrix property.

Matrix property can be

double Amesos_Control::rcond_threshold_

If error is greater than this value, perform symbolic and numeric factorization with full partial pivoting

bool Amesos_Control::Reindex_

If true, the Amesos class should reindex the matrix to standard indexing (i.e. 0-n-1) at present, only Amesos_Klu supports this option.

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