SCLOP_solver Class Reference

#include <SCLOP_solver.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SCLOP_solver (int nnode_, int nelem_, int neq_, int nadj_proc_, int ndofs_deleted_, int NumberMpc_, const int E1_[], const int E2_[], const int adj_proc_[], const int H1_global_[], const int H2_[], const MPI_Comm *mpicomm_, const int gnn_[], const unsigned short *dofmap_on_node_, const double x_[], const double y_[], const double z_[], const int rowbeg_KU_[], const int colidx_KU_[], const double KU_[], const int mapdof2row_[], const int bc_node_ids_[], const int bc_node_dof_[], const MpcLocal *MpcVector_)
 ~SCLOP_solver ()
void construct_H1 ()
void determine_ownership ()
void construct_K_base ()
void CLOP_solver_init (int overlap, double solver_tol, int maxiter, int atype, int ndim, int local_solver, int max_orthog, int prt_debug, int prt_summary, int krylov_method, int scale_option, int num_rigid_mode)
void solve (double f[], double u[], int &number_iterations, int &SCLOP_status)
void MpcForces (double *cvals)
void EPmat_datfile (Epetra_CrsMatrix *A, char fname[])

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SCLOP_solver::SCLOP_solver ( int  nnode_,
int  nelem_,
int  neq_,
int  nadj_proc_,
int  ndofs_deleted_,
int  NumberMpc_,
const int  E1_[],
const int  E2_[],
const int  adj_proc_[],
const int  H1_global_[],
const int  H2_[],
const MPI_Comm *  mpicomm_,
const int  gnn_[],
const unsigned short *  dofmap_on_node_,
const double  x_[],
const double  y_[],
const double  z_[],
const int  rowbeg_KU_[],
const int  colidx_KU_[],
const double  KU_[],
const int  mapdof2row_[],
const int  bc_node_ids_[],
const int  bc_node_dof_[],
const MpcLocal *  MpcVector_ 

SCLOP_solver::~SCLOP_solver (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void SCLOP_solver::CLOP_solver_init ( int  overlap,
double  solver_tol,
int  maxiter,
int  atype,
int  ndim,
int  local_solver,
int  max_orthog,
int  prt_debug,
int  prt_summary,
int  krylov_method,
int  scale_option,
int  num_rigid_mode 

void SCLOP_solver::construct_H1 (  ) 

void SCLOP_solver::construct_K_base (  ) 

void SCLOP_solver::determine_ownership (  ) 

void SCLOP_solver::EPmat_datfile ( Epetra_CrsMatrix *  A,
char  fname[] 

void SCLOP_solver::MpcForces ( double *  cvals  ) 

void SCLOP_solver::solve ( double  f[],
double  u[],
int &  number_iterations,
int &  SCLOP_status 

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