EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct Class Reference

#include <EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CrsMatrixStruct ()
virtual ~CrsMatrixStruct ()
void deleteContents ()

Public Attributes

int numRows
int * numEntriesPerRow
int ** indices
double ** values
bool * remote
int numRemote
const Epetra_MaporigRowMap
const Epetra_MaprowMap
const Epetra_MapcolMap
const Epetra_MapdomainMap
const Epetra_MapimportColMap

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::CrsMatrixStruct (  ) 

Definition at line 37 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.cpp.

EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::~CrsMatrixStruct (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 44 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::deleteContents (  ) 

Definition at line 49 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::numRows

Definition at line 52 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

int* EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::numEntriesPerRow

Definition at line 53 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

int** EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::indices

Definition at line 54 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

double** EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::values

Definition at line 55 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

bool* EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::remote

Definition at line 56 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

int EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::numRemote

Definition at line 57 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

const Epetra_Map* EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::origRowMap

Definition at line 58 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

const Epetra_Map* EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::rowMap

Definition at line 59 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

const Epetra_Map* EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::colMap

Definition at line 60 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

const Epetra_Map* EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::domainMap

Definition at line 61 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

const Epetra_Map* EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::importColMap

Definition at line 62 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

Epetra_CrsMatrix* EpetraExt::CrsMatrixStruct::importMatrix

Definition at line 63 of file EpetraExt_MMHelpers.h.

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