AbstractLinAlgPack_COOMatrixTmplOutFuncDef.hpp File Reference

#include <ostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include "AbstractLinAlgPack_COOMatrixTmplOutFuncDecl.hpp"

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namespace  AbstractLinAlgPack

COO matrix output stream function.

This is a functions that are used to output a templated COO matrix object to a char based output stream. The COOMatrixTemplateInterface specification is used.

The output format is diferent depending on whether the bits SparseLinAlgPackIO::ignore_dim_bit#, LinAlgPackIO::no_insert_newlines_bit# , and SparseLinAlgPackIO::ignore_nz_bit# are set. The default output format is:

rows cols nz#\ # val1:i1:j1 val2:i2:j2 ... valnz:inz:jnz#\

Each of the elements (val:i:j) are are put into columns according to the width set in the output stream os# and other formating commands when it is called. Even if the set width is 0 or less than the number of char's for the element a space ' ' will be inserted between them. The elements are formated according to the format in the stream os#.

If exta_flags & SparseLinAlgPackIO::ignore_dim_bit# == 0# then rows# and cols# will not be output.

If exta_flags & SparseLinAlgPackIO::ignore_nz_bit# == 0# then nz# will not be output.

If exta_flags & LinAlgPackIO::no_insert_newlines_bit == 0# then a newline charactor will not be inserted after the last element, otherwise (by default) it will be.

If coom.nz() == 0# then no elements will be output.

If any of the output operations fails then a std::ios_base::failure# exception is thrown.

template<class T_COOM>
std::ostream & AbstractLinAlgPack::output_COOM (std::ostream &os, const T_COOM &coom, SparseLinAlgPackIO::fmtflags extra_flags)

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