ConstrainedOptPack_ComputeMinMult.cpp File Reference

#include <limits>
#include "ConstrainedOptPack_ComputeMinMult.hpp"
#include "AbstractLinAlgPack_SpVectorClass.hpp"
#include "DenseLinAlgPack_DVectorClass.hpp"

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Compute the minimum absolute value of the given

Lagrange multipliers.

A small Lagrange multiplier indicates degeneracy.

ConstrainedOptPack::value_type ConstrainedOptPack::min_abs (const DVectorSlice &mu)
 Minimum |mu(i)|.
ConstrainedOptPack::value_type ConstrainedOptPack::min_abs (const SpVectorSlice &mu)
 Minimum |mu(i)|.


template<class T>
my_min (const T &v1, const T &v2)

Function Documentation

template<class T>
T @33::my_min ( const T &  v1,
const T &  v2 
) [inline, static]

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