OptionsFromStreamPack Namespace Reference


class  CommandLineOptionsFromStreamProcessor
 Reads from a file and/or parses from the commandline to initalize an OptionsFromStream object. More...
class  OptionsFromStream
 Extracts options from a text stream and then allows convenient access to them. More...
class  InputException
 Input from stream error. More...
class  AccessException
 Access error. More...
class  SetOptionsFromStream
 Abstact interface for objects that have options to be set that are contained in an OptionsFromStreamObject. More...
class  SetOptionsFromStreamNode
 Node class for setting options from a stream. More...
class  SetOptionsToTargetBase
 Templated node class manipulating a reference to a target object who will have its options set.. More...
class  StringToIntMap
 Map a string to an enumeration. More...


namespace  OptionsFromStreamUtilityPack


const std::string & options_group_name (OptionsFromStream::const_iterator &itr)
const OptionsFromStream::options_group_t options_group (OptionsFromStream::const_iterator &itr)
bool StringToBool (const char *opt_name, const char *str)
 Convert a string "true" or "false" into bool true# or false#.

Function Documentation

const std::string& OptionsFromStreamPack::options_group_name ( OptionsFromStream::const_iterator &  itr  )  [inline]

Definition at line 533 of file OptionsFromStreamPack_OptionsFromStream.hpp.

const OptionsFromStream::options_group_t OptionsFromStreamPack::options_group ( OptionsFromStream::const_iterator &  itr  )  [inline]

Definition at line 541 of file OptionsFromStreamPack_OptionsFromStream.hpp.

bool OptionsFromStreamPack::StringToBool ( const char *  opt_name,
const char *  str 

Convert a string "true" or "false" into bool true# or false#.

If the input string is not "true" or "false" then the exception "InputException" will be thrown and the message will include the name of the option this value is for.

Definition at line 35 of file OptionsFromStreamPack_StringToBool.cpp.

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