RTOpPack Namespace Reference


class  SubVectorT1B
 Class for a non-mutable sub-vector. More...
class  MutableSubVectorT1B
 Class for a mutable sub-vector. More...
class  SubMultiVectorT1B
 Class for a non-mutable sub-multi-vector (submatrix). More...
class  MutableSubMultiVectorT1B
 Class for a mutable sub-vector. More...
class  RTOpC
 Adapter subclass that uses a RTOp_RTOp object. More...
class  ReductTargetC
 Adapter subclass for RTOp_ReductTarget. More...
class  RTOpCPostMod


typedef SubVectorT1B< RTOp_value_typeSubVector
typedef MutableSubVectorT1B<
typedef SparseSubVectorT<
typedef SubMultiVectorT1B<
typedef MutableSubMultiVectorT1B<
typedef RTOpT< RTOp_value_typeRTOp


template<class Scalar>
void assign_entries (const MutableSubVectorT1B< Scalar > *msv, const SubVectorT1B< Scalar > &sv)
template<class Scalar>
void assign_entries (const MutableSubMultiVectorT1B< Scalar > *msmv, const SubMultiVectorT1B< Scalar > &smv)
std::ostream & output (std::ostream &o, const SubVector &v,bool print_dim, bool newline)
 Print an RTOp_SubVector.
void initRTOpStdOpsLibCpp (RTOpPack::RTOpServer< RTOp_value_type > *op_server)
 Initialize an RTOpPack::RTOpServer object for all of the operators defined in this library.

Typedef Documentation

typedef SubVectorT1B<RTOp_value_type> RTOpPack::SubVector

Definition at line 324 of file RTOpPack_OldTypes.hpp.

typedef MutableSubVectorT1B<RTOp_value_type> RTOpPack::MutableSubVector

Definition at line 326 of file RTOpPack_OldTypes.hpp.

typedef SparseSubVectorT<RTOp_value_type> RTOpPack::SparseSubVector

Definition at line 328 of file RTOpPack_OldTypes.hpp.

typedef SubMultiVectorT1B<RTOp_value_type> RTOpPack::SubMultiVector

Definition at line 330 of file RTOpPack_OldTypes.hpp.

typedef MutableSubMultiVectorT1B<RTOp_value_type> RTOpPack::MutableSubMultiVector

Definition at line 332 of file RTOpPack_OldTypes.hpp.

typedef RTOpT<RTOp_value_type> RTOpPack::RTOp

Definition at line 334 of file RTOpPack_OldTypes.hpp.

Function Documentation

template<class Scalar>
void RTOpPack::assign_entries ( const MutableSubVectorT1B< Scalar > *  msv,
const SubVectorT1B< Scalar > &  sv 

Definition at line 139 of file RTOpPack_OldTypes.hpp.

template<class Scalar>
void RTOpPack::assign_entries ( const MutableSubMultiVectorT1B< Scalar > *  msmv,
const SubMultiVectorT1B< Scalar > &  smv 

Definition at line 305 of file RTOpPack_OldTypes.hpp.

std::ostream & RTOpPack::output ( std::ostream &  o,
const SubVector v,
bool  print_dim,
bool  newline 

Print an RTOp_SubVector.

o [in/out] Stream that output is sent to. On value of o.width() on input is used to set the width for the columns that the vector elements are printed into. However, no matter what the width argument is at least one space is guarantteed between vector elements Of course, the other stream properties will be used also (i.e. precision, scientific etc.) when printing the elements.
v [in] sub-vector object who's elements are printed.
print_dim [in] If true, then the dimension of the sub-vector will be printed before the vector elements on the following line (see below).
newline [in] If true, then a newline will be printed after the last vector elements is printed.
The indexes used for the output elements are exactly as is explained in the specification for RTOp_SubVector. Each of the vector elements are printed in sparse format (even if the vector is dense) with the value followed by a : followed by the index. For example, suppose a sparse sub-vector is printed with global_offset == 5, sub_dim == 8 and sub_nz == 4. With o.precision() == 4 and o.width() == 16, print_dim == true and newline == true, the output sent to o would look something like:
    -1.3457e+01:6     8.352e-01:8   -5.9245e-03:9   -3.658e+02:11 

Above, if print_dim == false, then the sub-vector dimension "8" and the "\\n" after it would not have been printed. Also, if newline == false , then the newline "\\n" after -3.658e+02:11<> would not have been printed. ToDo: Finish documentation!

Definition at line 32 of file RTOpPack_print_sub_vector.cpp.

void RTOpPack::initRTOpStdOpsLibCpp ( RTOpPack::RTOpServer< RTOp_value_type > *  op_server  ) 

Initialize an RTOpPack::RTOpServer object for all of the operators defined in this library.

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