MoochoPack: Miscellaneous Utilities for MOOCHO Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
OptionsFromStreamPack::AccessExceptionAccess error
OptionsFromStreamPack::CommandLineOptionsFromStreamProcessorReads from a file and/or parses from the commandline to initalize an OptionsFromStream object
OptionsFromStreamPack::InputExceptionInput from stream error
FortranTypes::InvalidFileNameExceptionThrown if the file name is not a valid ASCII string
StandardCompositionRelationshipsPack::NoRefSetThrown when the reference has not been set
FortranTypes::OpenExceptionThrown if the open operation fails
OptionsFromStreamPack::OptionsFromStreamExtracts options from a text stream and then allows convenient access to them
OptionsFromStreamPack::OptionsFromStream::InputStreamErrorThrown if there is an input error
OptionsFromStreamPack::OptionsFromStreamUtilityPack::OptionsGroupClass used to encapsulate options belonging an options group
ProfileHackPack::ProfileTimingHelper class that takes care of timing
RangePack::Range1D. One-based subregion index range class
MemMngPack::ReleaseResourceAbstract interface for releasing an object when it is not needed anymore {abstract}
MemMngPack::ReleaseResource_ref_count_ptr< T >Template class that implements ReleaseResource interface for a RCP<T> object
SerializationPack::SerializableMixin interface for objects that can be serialized to and from a stream
OptionsFromStreamPack::SetOptionsFromStreamAbstact interface for objects that have options to be set that are contained in an OptionsFromStreamObject
OptionsFromStreamPack::SetOptionsFromStreamNodeNode class for setting options from a stream
OptionsFromStreamPack::SetOptionsToTargetBase< T >Templated node class manipulating a reference to a target object who will have its options set.
StopWatchPack::stopwatchSimple stopwatch object
StrideIterPack::stride_iter< T_iterator_type, T_value_type, T_reference_type, T_pointer_type, T_difference_type >C++ Standard Library compatable iterator class for accesing nonunit stride arrays of data
OptionsFromStreamPack::StringToIntMapMap a string to an enumeration

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