InputStreamHelperPack Namespace Reference

namespace InputStreamHelperPack

Basic input stream helper functions.

std::istream & eat_comment_lines (std::istream &is, char comment_identifier)
 Discards comment lines from an input stream.

Function Documentation

std::istream & InputStreamHelperPack::eat_comment_lines ( std::istream &  is,
char  comment_identifier 

Discards comment lines from an input stream.

Call this function to discard text that includes comment lines and lines with only newline chars. Here comment lines are in the tradition of Fortran in that the comment line must begin with the comment identification character (user supplied) and ends with a newline char ('

In particular this function will discard any white space before a set of consecutive comment lines and the comment lines and will leave the input steam at the first non-comment line that does not start with '

Definition at line 36 of file InputStreamHelperPack_EatInputComment.cpp.

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