NOX::Epetra::VectorSpaceL2 Class Reference

Concrete class for an L2 vector space. More...

#include <NOX_Epetra_VectorSpace_L2.H>

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Public Member Functions

 VectorSpaceL2 ()
virtual ~VectorSpaceL2 ()
virtual double innerProduct (const Epetra_Vector &a, const Epetra_Vector &b) const
 Computes the inner product: <a,b>.
virtual double norm (const Epetra_Vector &a, NOX::Abstract::Vector::NormType=NOX::Abstract::Vector::TwoNorm) const
 Computes the norm.

Detailed Description

Concrete class for an L2 vector space.

This class allows users to override the inner product and norm used by the NOX::Epetra::Vector class. The most frequent use of this class is for introducing a weighted norm throughout NOX.

Member Function Documentation

double NOX::Epetra::VectorSpaceL2::norm ( const Epetra_Vector a,
NOX::Abstract::Vector::NormType  = NOX::Abstract::Vector::TwoNorm 
) const [virtual]

Computes the norm.

For an L2 norm, the computation is: sqrt( <a,a> ).

Implements NOX::Epetra::VectorSpace.

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