NOX Developer's Guide to Prerelease Code

We define prerelease code to be code that should not be distributed, documented, or tested as part of the automatic nightly scripts.

Prerelease code will only be used if configure is executed with the --enable-prerelease option. In that case,

There are two steps to adding prerelease code.

  1. Add ifdef's to the source and header files.

    In other words, the code should be surrounded by a WITH_PRERELEASE ifdef as follows.

    // Insert All Code Here

  2. Modify

    For example, the following modifications were made to nox/src/ to add NOX_Direction_QuasiNewton as prerelease code in the libnox.a library.

    nodist_pkginclude_HEADERS = \
    nodist_libnox_a_SOURCES = \

Remember to run configure with the --enable-prerelease option!!

Prerelease code must still be able to compile.

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