PHX::EvaluatorUtilities< EvalT, Traits > Struct Template Reference

Utilities to hide templating in concrete Evaluators. More...

#include <Phalanx_Evaluator_Utilities.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

template<typename DataT>
void setFieldData (PHX::Field< DataT > &f, PHX::FieldManager< Traits > &fm)
template<typename DataT, PHX::ArrayOrder Order, typename Tag0, typename Tag1, typename Tag2, typename Tag3, typename Tag4, typename Tag5, typename Tag6, typename Tag7>
void setFieldData (PHX::MDField< DataT, Order, Tag0, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3, Tag4, Tag5, Tag6, Tag7 > &f, PHX::FieldManager< Traits > &fm)

Detailed Description

template<typename EvalT, typename Traits>
struct PHX::EvaluatorUtilities< EvalT, Traits >

Utilities to hide templating in concrete Evaluators.

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