Teuchos::PerformanceMonitorUtils Member List

This is the complete list of members for Teuchos::PerformanceMonitorUtils, including all inherited members.

reduce(const MPIComm &comm, const EMetricReduction &reductionType, const Array< double > &localVals, Array< double > &reducedVals)Teuchos::PerformanceMonitorUtils [static]
synchNames(const MPIComm &comm, const Array< std::string > &localNames, Array< std::string > &allNames)Teuchos::PerformanceMonitorUtils [static]
synchValues(const MPIComm &comm, const Array< std::string > &localNames, const Array< Array< double > > &localValues, Array< std::string > &allNames, Array< Array< double > > &allValues)Teuchos::PerformanceMonitorUtils [static]

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