ForTrilinos first appeared in Trilinos 10.0 with support for building with the IBM XL compiler suite on AIX platforms. The first ForTrilinos version to support building with the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Fortran compiler is a Trilinos 10.7 pre-release snapshot. We are actively engaged in building Trilinos with the Cray Compiler Enviornment (CCE) and will start testing the Intel, Portland Group, and GCC Fortran compilers as soon as they have implemented a sufficient subset of the Fortran 2003 standard. You can help us by letting them know about your interest in building ForTrilinos with their compilers.

Due to the few dependencies and many interoperabilities between packages, as well as the frequency with which packages are updated, all downloading of packages is managed at the Trilinos level.

Check out the Trilinos downloads page for packages that are currently available to the public.

If you are a Sandia employee you can download the development branch of Trilinos (either without repository information at the Trilinos downloads page, or directly checked out from the Trilinos git repository).

If you are not a Sandia employee and want to gain access to the Trilinos git repository, send a request to