A Quick Introduction to Galeri

Marzio Sala

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Who Should Use Galeri

Galeri gives tools to quickly define Epetra objects, so that you can use them for testing and examples. You can define:
  1. Epetra_Map's
  2. Epetra_CrsMatrix's
  3. Epetra_VbrMatrix's
Let's see a few examples now.


Let us suppose that your have a 2D Cartesian grid, composed by nx x ny vertices, and you want to divide them among the available mx x my processors. Each processor will have a rectangle (or square). You simply type:
#include "Galeri_Maps.h"
Epetra_Map* Map = 0; // the map to be created
Teuchos::ParameterList List;
List.set("nx", 10); // 10 nodes along the X-axis
List.set("ny", 10); // 10 nodes along the Y-axis
List.set("mx", 2);  // 2 subdomains along the X-axis
List.set("my", 2);  // 2 subdomains along the Y-axis
string MapType = "Cartesian2D";

Map = Galeri.CreateMap(MapType, Comm, List);
Equivalently, one can create a 3D Cartesian grid by using Cartesian3D.


Once you have an Epetra_Map, you can easily create a variety of matrices. For example, a 5-pt stencil discretization of a Laplacian is:
#include "Galeri_CrsMatrices.h"
Epetra_CrsMatrix* Matrix; // the matrix to be created
// the grid has nx * ny nodes (matrix size = nx * ny);
int nx = 5 * Comm.NumProc();
int ny = 5 * Comm.NumProc();
GaleriList.set("nx", nx);
GaleriList.set("ny", ny);

Matrix = CreateCrsMatrix("Laplace2D", Map, GaleriList);
where GaleriList and Map are those created in the previous slide.


Starting from an Epetra_CrsMatrix, you can create an equivalent Epetra_VbrMatrix matrix by replicating each row of the CRS matrix the specified number of times:
int NumEquations = 2;
Epetra_VbrMatrix* VbrMatrix;
VbrMatrix = CreateVbrMatrix(CrsMatrix, NumEquations);

End of the Show!

This concludes our quick overview of Galeri. There is extensive documentation on the Galeri web site; you can also contact the developers if more help is needed.