Help - FAQ

I've found a bug. How do I report it?

The preferred bug-reporting method is bugzilla. Click on the "Enter a new bug report" link. (You'll have to create a bugzilla account to proceed any further.) Alternatively, you can email one of the developers.

How do I compile and/or link my code with ML and get all the dependencies right?

Include the file, found in the ML build directory, in your Makefile. defines two macros, ML_LIBS and ML_INCLUDES, that contain all the library and include dependencies, respectively, that ML needs. Finally, add the macro definition -DHAVE_CONFIG_H to the link line of your executable. Below is an example.

include /home/joe/Trilinos/serial/packages/ml/
all: ${ROOT}.exe

${ROOT}.exe: ${ROOT}.o
g++ -o ${ROOT}.exe ${ROOT}.o ${ML_LIBS}

${ROOT}.o: ${ROOT}.c

My ML distribution is missing the file ml.m.

This file is available in Trilinos release 8.0.8 and higher. If you are using an earlier release, you can find the missing file here.

How can I search the ML users mail list archive?

In your favorite web search engine, restrict the search to the web site For example, to search for "nullspace" in google search, type "nullspace". The ML users list archive is no longer available to non-subscribers. It is also no longer indexed by search engines. In order to view the archives, please login on the ML user list page (under Mail Lists on the left of this page) and then click the ML-Users Archives link.