ML: Multilevel Preconditioning Package

Welcome to the homepages for ML, Sandia's main multigrid preconditioning package. ML is designed to solve large sparse linear systems of equations arising primarily from elliptic PDE discretizations. ML is used to define and build multigrid solvers and preconditioners, and it contains black-box classes to construct highly-scalable smoothed aggregation preconditioners. ML preconditioners have been used on thousands of processors for a variety of problems, including the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with heat and mass transfer, linear and nonlinear elasticity equations, the Maxwell equations, semiconductor equations, and more.

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ML documentation is created and maintained using Doxygen. Click here to access the latest Doxygen documentation, containing details about ML and its classes, examples of usage, how to interface with other Trilinos packages, and more.

If you use ML for your applications, please let us know by writing an e-mail to the ml developers. Please also cite ML using the following bibtex entry:

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