Help - FAQ

What is NOX?

NOX is a software package that provides robust soultion techniques for solving nonlinear problems. NOX provides globalized Newton-based techniques such as line search and trust region methods. Additionally, it supplies alternate models including Broyden and Tensor methods. Algorithms are implemented to account for inexact linear solves for large-scale simulation. We support interfaces to the epetra linear algebra package in Trilinos and supply JFNK and Colored finite difference techniques to evaluate Jacobians for Newton's method using epetra objects. Top

How do I submit a bug report against NOX?

To reports bugs or make enhancement requests, visit NOX's Bugzilla (Bug Tracking) Database, and use the following instructions:

  • Click on "Enter a new bug report"
  • Choose "NOX"
  • Either login or create a new account
  • Submit your bug report

Under which license is NOX released?

NOX is available for download under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. Top