Help - FAQ

What is Teko?

Teko is a package for the development and implementation of block preconditioners. Top

What is significant about the Teko name?

Teko means "fuse" in Greek. This is suggestive of what Teko does, bringing together multiple physics to form one preconditioner. Additionally, the original impetus for Teko was for the development of preconditioners for simulation of magnetohydrodynamics and fusion reactors. Top

I've found a bug. How do I report it?

One reporting method is bugzilla. Click on the "Enter new bug report" link. (You'll have to create a bugzilla account to procede any further.) Alternatively you could email one of the developers. Top

I have implemented an awesome feature for Teko. How do I share it?

Great! You can contact the Teko developers through the Teko Developer mail list available here or by contacting the lead Developer directly. Top