Welcome to the Teuchos Home

Teuchos provides a suite of common tools for Trilinos for developers to use. These tools include BLAS/LAPACK wrappers, smart pointers, parameter lists, XML parsers, etc.


Teuchos contains a number of classes. These classes have been divided between a "standard" build and an "extended" build. The "standard" build has shown to be a portable subset of the Teuchos tools and is built by default when Teuchos is enabled (--enable-teuchos). The "extended" build is also portable, but contains more special purpose tools like XML parsing and communicators (--enable-teuchos-extended).

Additionally, boundschecking for some of the container classes can be enabled through configuring Trilinos with --enable-teuchos-abc. Boundschecking incurs a significant performance penalty and so is not recommended for production builds. To enable complex arithmetic in the computational classes, Teuchos must be configured with --enable-teuchos-complex.

For more information about specific Teuchos classes, see the documentation.