Help - FAQ

What is Thyra?

The Thyra package contains a set of interfaces and supporting code that defines basic interoperability mechanisms between different types of numerical software. The foundation of all of these interfaces are the mathematical concepts of vectors, vector spaces, and linear operators. All other interfaces and support software is built on the basic operator/vector interfaces. Top

What's significant about the name 'Thyra'?

Thyra is a Greek term meaning, roughly, "interface". Top

What platforms does Thyra run on?

Thyra runs on a wide variety of platforms, including linux. Top

Can I get involved in the development of Thyra?

The need for more help with Thyra varies from time to time. To find out about opportunities to contribute, contact Ross Bartlett. Top

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Questions not answered by the information provided on the website should be directed to Ross Bartlett, the Thyra Lead Developer. Top