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WebTrilinos is a scientific portal, a web-based environment to use several Trilinos packages through the web.

If you are a teaching sparse linear algebra, you can use WebTrilinos to present code snippets and simple scripts, and let the students execute them from their browsers.

If you want to test linear algebra solvers, you can use the MatrixPortal module, and you just have to select problems and options, then plot the results in nice graphs.

From the user's perspective, the only component required to use WebTrilinos is any browser and an internet connection. Then, (simple) C++ and Python programs can be written on a web form, executed on a server, and the output is sent back to the user's browser. Code snippets for most of Trilinos and PyTrilinos packages are already available in convenient repositories. WebTrilinos also contains a problem solving environment (PSE) for the analysis of linear algebra solvers, like direct solvers, Krylov solvers, and preconditioners. This environment is called MatrixPortal.

NOTE: this web site presents WebTrilinos, but does not offer access to its capabilities. Here, you can find a description of the project, details on the installation, a list of available mailing lists, contacts, and how to download it. But to use WebTrilinos, you (or your system administrator) have to install it on your web server.

To be installed, WebTrilinos requires the following:

  1. a web server, like Apache;
  2. PHP installed on the web server. PHP must process both .html and .php files;
  3. an installed version of Trilinos, with the following packages: Teuchos, Epetra, EpetraExt, AztecOO, IFPACK, Amesos, ML, Galeri, PyTrilinos (and, of course, WebTrilinos itself);
  4. the PyChart package;
  5. the convert *nix tool to convert image files.

WebTrilinos comes with a set of easy-to-use tools that suggest the configuration options. For more details, please check the FAQ page. Check also the installation page for more details on the installation procedure.